There is no doubt that the Seat brand has become more popular since VW took ownership and started to share parts and instill manufacturing standards within this Spanish based manufacturer. Improved stylish designs has also contributed to more motorists opting for Seat solutions as an lease alternative to more established brands including VW. The key models associated with the success has mainly been the "Leon" and "Ibiza" but don't ignore the Seat people carriers of the "Alhambra" and "Altea" where deals can also be found

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Vehicle Make: Model / Type:

Id. No 1109960: Leon Hatchback, Cupra 5dr , Private, 15000 Miles Annual, 24 Months, Petrol, , 07.09pm:
Id. No 1109705: Leon Hatchback Ecomotive, tdi, Business, 10000 Miles Annual, 24 Months, Diesel, , 06.32am:
Id. No 1109424: Ibiza Sport Coupe, Gti, Business, 10000 Miles Annual, 2 Years, Petrol, , 01.33pm:
Id. No 1109339: Alhambra, SE Lux, PCP, 10000 Miles Annual, 2 Years, Diesel, , 01.58pm:
Id. No 1109249: Ibiza Hatchback, 0, Private, 6000 Miles Annual, 2 Years, Petrol, , 04.20pm:
Id. No 1108008: Exeo Saloon, sport tech, Private, 20000 Miles Annual, 3 Years, Diesel, sat nav met paint , 09.45pm:
Id. No 1107873: Ibiza Estate, ANY, Private, 200000 Miles Annual, 3 Years, Diesel, , 04.14pm:
Id. No 1106245: Exeo Estate, tdi, Private, 15000 Miles Annual, 3 Years, Diesel, , 03.27pm:
Id. No 1105237: Altea, any, PCP, 12000 Miles Annual, 4 Years, Petrol, , 01.04pm:

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