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Often described as the best luxury 4x4 vehicles you can buy, means that we get a substantial amount of Range Rover requests through our system. These go anywhere vehicles "ooze class" and used throughout the world by celebrities through to security forces. The Sport and Vogue are the main model range, based on different suspension and interior options.

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Id. No 1109904: Vogue, hse, Private, 10000 Miles Annual, 24 Months, Diesel, , 05.52pm: The ultimtate in style, luxury and comfort and to cap it all, very goo off road also. Used by royalty, stars and business people around the world.
Id. No 1109844: Evoque, Any, PCP, 10000 Miles Annual, 36 Months, Diesel, , 04.28pm: It looks good, it drives good, this sporty looking mini versoin was an instant hit since it's release. Very impressive fuel economy also.
Id. No 1109685: Sport, Sport, Business, 10.000 Miles Annual, 24 Months, Diesel, , 02.27pm: Now a purpose built and designed machine rather than a rebadged Discovery. Great reviews.

The original concept was a go anywhere vehicle where passengers could still travel in comfort against its sister Land Rover Brand, but over 40 years later the Range Rover has moved ahead many steps as a luxurious mode of transport that takes on the Mercedes S Class and similar. The vehicles have never lost their ability to be superb at off road climbing, but the truth is the most off road most of these see, is the bumpy road down to the country house, or a snowy road in December. This is because the driving experience and ride is as good as any saloon, and the high sitting position gives great authority and safety when driving up and down the UK motorways. Good residual values means, many look to own to drive these high class vehicles.

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This is seen as further expansion and the Evoque Read More should take some credit from this success. off road in the Navada desert next to Las Vegas, to test out its off road abilities

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