A specialty of small hatchbacks and saloon cars a previous favourite with taxi owners is what their history is based on. But since the introduction of the 206cc, the first vehicle to have a folding hardtop since the Mercedes SLK, Peugeot have added more choice to their range. They still manufacture the latest versions of favourites, such as the 107. Used as a city runaround or popular with students. The 208 range then a step up in size shows the 308, a family hatchback with a range of petrol and diesel engines. The Expert and Partner are used extensively in Europe as a cross between a van and car, but it is the RCZ, that has grasped the most attention in recent years, a sports coupe that takes ont the TT. The 3008 is Peugeot's first crossover and won the "What Car" award in 2011 for this class. We finish with the 508 which replaces the popular company car the 408 and the 5008 a large multipurpose MPV.

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Vehicle Make: Model / Type:

Id. No 1109825: 207cc, allure, Private, 30000 Miles Annual, 36 Months, Diesel, , 10.46am: Folding hardtop version of the popular 207.
Id. No 1109569: 5008, allure, Business, 15000 Miles Annual, 2 Years, Petrol, , 04.39pm: 5Dr MPV with good space and practicality.
Id. No 1109557: RCZ, gti, Private, 6000 Miles Annual, 3 Years, Petrol, , 01.25am:
Id. No 1109515: 308, HDi, Private, 20000 Miles Annual, 2 Years, Diesel, front fog lamps , 08.42pm: Popular mid sized hatch availbale in several petrol and diesel engines.
Id. No 1109507: 308sw, active, Private, 15000 Miles Annual, 3 Years, Diesel, not white , 10.49pm: Estate version (station wagon), of mid sized 308.
Id. No 1109151: Partner, L, Business, 15,000 Miles Annual, 2 Years, Diesel, , 10.06am:
Id. No 1108456: 208, Read notes , Private, 12000 Miles Annual, 2 Years, Petrol, , 10.52pm: Latest version of this small hatchback.
Id. No 1107911: 3008, gs, Business, 10000 Miles Annual, 2 Years, Petrol, , 07.54pm: Midsized crossover, bridging hatchback with SUV.
Id. No 1106840: 107, any, Business, 10000 Miles Annual, 4 Years, Petrol, , 05.49pm: Ideal city or town car, great economy and cheap to run.

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