It may be striking new designs that has made Nissan even more popular such as the recent "Juke" and the redesigned "Micra". The new "Leaf" has also been released with critical acclaim for the new phase of electric powered cars. In fact they have moved away from traditional large hatchbacks and saloons to focus on SUV's, small hatchbacks and electric cars, the Qashqai was probably the vehicle that started the modernisation of the range. Their off road offering such as the Pathfinder, Navara and X Trail have always been popular and been around before the latest trend in SUV's started. Renowned for reliability and many models made in Sunderland beating even Japanese factory production figures, Nissan could be said to be on a roll at the moment.

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Vehicle Make: Model / Type:

Id. No 1109970: Micra, 5 DOORS, Private, 5000 OR LESS Miles Annual, 48 Months, Petrol, , 05.36pm:
Id. No 1109894: Qashqai, gti, PCP, 15000 Miles Annual, 24 Months, Petrol, , 11.26am:
Id. No 1109867: Juke, Digi, Business, 5000 Miles Annual, 36 Months, Petrol, Black paint 1.2 petrol acenta , 11.03pm:
Id. No 1109774: X Trail, gti, Business, 15000 Miles Annual, 36 Months, Petrol, , 08.33pm:
Id. No 1109722: Navara, tekna connect, Business, 10000 Miles Annual, 36 Months, Petrol, hard top front parking sensors , 06.52pm:
Id. No 1109669: Note, GTI, Private, 10-12,000 Miles Annual, 24 Months, Petrol, , 07.56pm:
Id. No 1109496: Leaf, i.e, Private, 10000 Miles Annual, 3 Years, Electric, , 07.34pm:
Id. No 1108981: Pathfinder, read notes, Private, 10000 Miles Annual, 2 Years, Petrol, aventura , 10.50am:
Id. No 1108104: 370z Coupe, Gti, Business, 15,000 Miles Annual, 2 Years, Petrol, , 08.11pm: Sports performance in this highly respected sports car.
Id. No 1108052: Pixo, 1000CC, Private, 8000 Miles Annual, 3 Years, Petrol, , 09.00am:

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