The range consists of the C1, C3 C4, (last 2 with Picasso options) then the larger C5, both saloon and tourer. The Nemo Multispace and Berlingo Multispace are small MPV's for multi use. There is also the DS range that bear little resemblance to the original classic version, but are fun and sporty with some great colour designs. With such a complete range, it is no surprise how popular they are.

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Vehicle Make: Model / Type:

Id. No 1109943: C1 Hatchback, More, Feel VTI 68 manual, Private, 12000 Miles Annual, 48 Months, Petrol, , 06.21pm: Smallest hatchback in the range, ideal for city driving.
Id. No 1109804: DS3, More, Dstyle 90 hdi, Business, 8000 Miles Annual, 36 Months, Diesel, , 03.27pm: Great colour schemes and economical driving.
Id. No 1109781: C2 Hatchback, More, vtr, Business, 10000 Miles Annual, 36 Months, Petrol, , 12.15pm:
Id. No 1109586: C3 Hatchback, More, Gti, Private, 5000 Miles Annual, 36 Months, Petrol, , 06.17pm:
Id. No 1109480: Berlingo Multispace, More, read notes, Business, 60000 Miles Annual, 2 Years, Diesel, , 02.44pm:
Id. No 1109153: C5 Saloon, More, hdi, Business, 10000 Miles Annual, 3 Years, Petrol, , 09.45pm: Quiet and comfortable driving.
Id. No 1108056: C4 Hatchback, More, plus, Private, 10000 Miles Annual, 2 Years, Petrol, , 09.02am:
Id. No 1107789: C3 Picasso, More, hdi vtr+, Private, 9,500 Miles Annual, 3 Years, Diesel, , 11.31pm:
Id. No 1107736: DS4, More, HDI, Business, 12000 Miles Annual, 2 Years, Petrol, , 07.15pm:
Id. No 1105008: C5 Tourer, More, Hdi, Business, 2000 Miles Annual, 4 Years, Diesel, , 07.01pm:

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This French manufacturer have been associated with both some strange designs and some superb design throughout its history. Soft suspension is something its early and newer bigger vehicles have been credited with, horse racing in the 70's were covered by TV cameras on top of a Citroen, because of how comfortable and smooth there suspension was. Today there is a complete range of models's, that start from the C1 city car to the C5 tourer and don't forget the Picasso range which adds people carrier body shells. to give more room for families.

They have been accredited with being the first manufacturer to a have a sales and service network for their vehicles and the first to mass produce them in Europe. One of the most famous vehicles in the world was developed by Citroen, called the 2 CV, that stood for 2 chevaux (2 horses). It started to be made for farmers in the field, but ended being manufactured in different disguises right up to 1990 from 1948. It even started in a "James Bond" movie "For Your Eyes Only"". Today this French manufacturer is a major brand and popular for all its models, that consists mainly of the CS range and the DS range and even though there is a close tie with peugeot and shared technology,their models do seem to remain unique. both in styling and features, which sometimes have been be a bit outrageous.