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The place to fill in one form and be provided with several of the latest offers, which are real quotes from companies based on your exact needs, not on outdated published prices. Leasebam understands that everyone has different requirements for finance, low mileage or high, business use or private, basic model specifications or extra accessories, the differences goes on. So we see this service as a solution to help you find the latest car lease offers, based on your requirements rather than the guess work that is often needed on the cheapest published prices. We put you in touch with several brokers and dealers to get accurate quotes so you know what is available today, a real solution.

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Sample Of Recent Requests:

Id. No 1109945, 02.48pm: BMW 5 Series Touring 530 M Sport: Diesel, 13000 miles, Private, 48 Months, Either for maintenance, .
Id. No 1109944, 08.54am: HONDA CRV read notes: Petrol, 25000 miles, PCP, 36 Months, Either for maintenance, .
Id. No 1109943, 06.21pm: CITROEN C1 Hatchback Feel VTI 68 manual: Petrol, 12000 miles, Private, 48 Months, Yes for maintenance, .
Id. No 1109942, 08.45pm: RENAULT Maxity Tipper Read notes: Petrol, 8000 miles, Business, 48 Months, Yes for maintenance, Not fussed about engine size but would prefer a black van .
Id. No 1109941, 05.59am: FORD Transit Tipper 350: Diesel, 10000 miles, Business, 24 Months, No for maintenance, Red,tow bar and beacons .
Id. No 1109940, 09.49pm: FORD Transit Tipper 350: Diesel, 10000 miles, Business, 24 Months, No for maintenance, Red,tow bar and beacons .
Id. No 1109939, 08.12am: FORD Transit Dropside turbo: Diesel, 12000 miles, Business, 24 Months, Yes for maintenance, dropside with at lease 4 metre bed ,white aluminium sides steel bolster .
Id. No 1109938, 06.09pm: RENAULT Mascott d: Diesel, 8000 miles, Business, 48 Months, Yes for maintenance, .
Id. No 1109937, 05.29pm: MERCEDES Sprinter Luton 313: Diesel, 170.000 miles, Business, 24 Months, Yes for maintenance, non .

In some ways it can be seen as a long term hire agreement, where the customer gets to drive the vehicle of their choice for a set period of time. They would normally pay for the vehicle with an initial deposit and then a monthly payment for the period of the term. In fact "Contract Hire " will be the most common form of way of finance.

What Are The Benefits?

If it were normal for that customer to pay cash, choosing a leasing agreement could mean that money could be left in the bank (or used for other purposes) as payments are then spread over the period. It is also common for monthly premiums to be less than borrowing any money to buy outright, as payments are normally calculated to cover the depreciation on the vehicle not the whole amount of the assets worth. www.ukleasingdeals.co.uk Businesses can apply the costs as a business expense depending on how much it is used for work use and private. Typically a small enterprise can claim all the ex vat rental cost back as an expense, but only claim 50% of the VAT back, if the company car is also driven home, or used in any private way.

Keeping money in a business can have a far better benefits, than using it to buy, so it is common for many SME's and larger companies to use vehicle leasing as a way to drive newer better transportation and keep the cash flow, or marketing investment. Of course the right model can help present the right image for the business too.

  • New Warranty
  • Road Tax Included
  • Roadside Assistance Included
  • Newer Leaner Fuel Efficient Engines
  • Improved Business Perception
Are There Any Disadvantages?

First you never get to own outright, although there are some schemes that allow you to buy at a pre-agreed price afterwards and if a customer drives more miles than agreed or does not look after the aquasiton with agreed maintenance, there can be extra costs. Business employees who use a company motor as part of their work and drive it home or use it privately (this could also be the owner) will be liable to a Benefit In Kind Tax that is now based on the emissions and value, rather than the mileage.

Is Contract Hire Right For Me?

Well first it is worth getting professional advice or certainly researching the subject more if you are unsure about the complete process. It's fair to say that those who choose PCP (Private Contract Purchase) or a private lease are likely to pay more in the long run than if it was bought outright, as there is interest on payments added and sometimes admin charges etc. But factoring cheaper fuel and road tax cost with a newer more fuel efficient vehicle may help to offset this. There are more German Executive examples sold on finance agreements like this, than bought, it is no coincidence that certain German manufacturers keep BIK payments' down by producing low emission engines.